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Jan 21

Buy A Luxury Ring For Her

By Mary King | Zirconia Rings

In most cases, you only get to propose or ask for a girl’s hand in marriage once in your life so you may want to get for your woman a ring that would truly impress her and let her know that you deeply care about her. You’re not obligated to spend on one of the most expensive jewelry items in the market but it would be best for you to pay for one that looks great. However, when buying a ring, you should do more than just look at the prices of various adornments since not all of those that are sold at a high price are quality items. Some of those that are sold today are actually fake ones so you should be careful when buying a ring. If you want to get that which is worth purchasing, you should know how to compare rings and also precious stones. For a guide that may help you pick the right ring for your love, please read below.

If you’re going to purchase an engagement ring, there are different things that you have to consider. You may want to bear in mind the birth month of the person whom you want to become your spouse and also the type of jewelry items that she wears. There are suggested birth stones for each month and you do have the option to purchase a ring that has the birth stone of your girlfriend or partner for your proposal. If you’re not sure about what to get, you may want to settle for a gorgeous type of precious stone that many typically like. You could go for a diamond ring that has a gold or platinum band, if you can afford to get one. If you’re on a tight budget, you could also choose to purchase a ring that uses cubic zirconia. To have a quick gander at some rings that look like they have diamond pieces on them, you could try to check out Basically, the difference between the two is that the diamond stone has been made through billions of years and it’s considered to be rare while the cubic zirconia is man-made and almost “too perfect”. When you breathe onto a cubic zirconia stone, it would most likely fog or become unclear because it’s not a great heat conductor compared to a pure diamond. If you’re interested in getting a colorful type of ring, though, then cubic zirconia is perfect for you since it’s available in various hues. But, of course, there’s also the band that you should be concerned about.

Though it would be great for you to give to your girl a ring that has a nice precious stone embedded to it, you may want to select the type that has a platinum or gold band. Silver is an element that is also durable but it’s widely available and so that’s why it isn’t as pricey compared to gold and platinum. Between gold and platinum, though, you may want to go for white or yellow gold if you’re on a budget since platinum is very expensive. Although you’d get a ring band that has more gold when you’d choose that which has higher carat value, you have to understand that a ring becomes durable when it has alloys mixed to it so you may want to settle for a 14K instead of an 18K adornment if you’re concerned about durability.